Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Response To Marsha's Call...

As another member of that infamous graduating class of 1992(Gratz), I would love to indulge in the opportunity to offer some of my experiences to young, aspiring teachers in the inner-cities. As a Learning Community Instructional Leader at CEP of Philadelphia, one of my duties is to offer instruction and tutelage to teachers and instructional assistants assigned to my learning community. More times than I can remember I revert back to many of the experiences that worked for me as a student in Crossroads from 1990-1992.

One factor that seemed to matter the most was that our faculty truly cared about the students they served and that commitment made a difference. For some of us, it really saved our lives. I take that commitment with me on a daily basis when I deal with some of Philadelphia's finest at CEP. When you care, not only about what you're doing but whom you're doing it for, it makes an impression on the students that you serve. I often have teachers who question why my students respond to me with such relevance and respect, and I simply reply, "it's because it's genuine when it comes from me."
So, Mrs. Pincus, I would love to take part in this venture, thanks for the opportunity.

Carl "Tone" Jones

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Marsha Pincus said...

I am thrilled to see that you have started this blog and I hope that you continue to post your experiences. I am particularly interested in how you help your teachers design and implement engaging and rigorous curriculum and the ways that your Crossroads experience influences that aspect of your work.